Photoshop Creations

All pictures made using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 software

Breaking Free

There is a glowing energy inside you that longs to be unleashed. You know it is there because every day it gets just a little bit harder to contain. As you sit at your desk, turning over papers, all you can hear is the tapping of fingers on keyboards and the ticking of the clock hands going around and around. This isn't what you want. You want to be free. You want to escape from this grey, stagnant life to a place where your energy will never have to be locked up again. 

You're standing on your desk now.

You lift your head high and scream with all your might: "Enough!"

You jump up high and let that energy out. It starts at your hands and feet but soon your whole body is shaking and pulsing with light.

There is a flash and you are gone. Uncaged at last and following your own path.

The Stranger

The play How much is your iron? was one of the last written by Bertolt Brecht in the late 1930s. It was performed at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by Freshblood theatre.

How much is your iron? is an allegorical play for the events leading up to the second world war. A mysterious stranger (Nazi Germany) continuously harrasses shopkeeper Svenson (Sweden) to sell him his stock of iron. Svenson turns a blind eye as the other shopkeepers around him (Herr Austrian and Frau Czech) are murdered. In the end, Svenson falls victim as the stranger uses his iron against him.


Depicted in this picture is the stranger (Andrew Turner) with his weaponised iron, set against a Nazi red backing. The style is reminiscent of Che Guevara pop art.

Photo of Abi

Photo editing to adjust hair colour, eye colour and skin smoothing. In addition, blur effects were added to pull focus diagonally downward.

Photo of Abi Staniforth; a very awesome person.

Fighting with Yourself

Sometimes it takes a good friend to save you even from yourself. That can mean the occasional bit of encouragement or lending a symapthetic ear. They can help defend you against your own anxieties and paranoia. They can hold back the harsh critic that lies within.

Skiing - Overlaid Burst Shot

Skiing in Chamonix was an excellent opportunity to test out my Drift Ghost S action camera. In addition to collecting some amazing point-of-view and time-lapse footage, I decided to overlay some photo series taken in continuous mode. These images capture the fast motion of skiing in dynamic HD freeze frames.


During part of my time at the University of Warwick I stayed in the picturesque Heronbank accommodation on campus. These halls overlook a lake that is home to ducks, geese, swans and the occasional heron.

The annual Heronbank/Lakeside photo competition, held specifically for the residents living close to this reserve, is always packed with hundreds of insufferably soft lit, desaturated entries capturing the tranquil and beautiful essence of nature.

I chose instead to illustrate the true terror these aggressive birds strike into every student that wanders too close. While this photo did not win, it did recive a special mention as a noteworthy and relatable parody.

Playing with Light and Colour

Presented here are a variety of early photoshop experiments I tried to familiarise myself with the software. These images play with filters, layers and colours to create some beautiful, abstract patterns and effects.

Skin on Bronze Statue

I wanted to adjust this bronze statue to a skin tone that gives the appearance of coming to life. At the face, shoulder and calf the bronze remains as though it simply a coating through which the underlying woman can break free. 

Dr Timothy J Kaufmann

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