Origami has been an artistic outlet for my creativity since I was ten years old. I particually enjoy making origami animals and flowers as decorative pieces. Below is small collection of my favourite folds. 

Narcissus flowers (daffodils)

Each flower is made from a single sheet of square paper (instructions from Hiromi Hayashi). Stem and leaves are washi paper wrapped around garden wire. Soil was made from recycled coffee grounds mixed with decoupage glue.

Hyacinth flowers

The hyacinth flowers are slightly exaggerated in size, but over all create a very life like effect. Many observers have, at a glace, mistaken them for real flowers. Instructions from Hiromi Hayashi.

Post-it Note Origami

My favourite escape when sitting at the desk and failing to work is to grab a post-it note from the stack by the computer and start folding. These mini-origami creations are quick and make beautiful decorations or gifts. 

Miniature gin bottles

Miniature gin bottles make perfect little vases for small origami flowers made to scale. 

  • Sunflowers in Martin Miller's gin

  • Blue stars in Bombay Sapphire gin

  • Cosmos in Beefeater gin

  • White rose in Sipsmith gin


As a Christmas present for dear friend, I made an origami angel framed in a gift box. The angel would have also suited as a tree decoration. Video instructions were made by Tadashi Mori, who's creations I have been studying for years.


Origami roses exist in a wide variety of designs. Here are two examples of roses: the compound lily rose (pink) fused to a real flower stem and the kawasaki roses (multiple colours) in a stain glass vase of my own making.

Dr Timothy J Kaufmann

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