Misfolded Game Trailer

Misfolded is a narrative-driven game exploring the importance of memories and the loss of loved ones.


Game Design and Development - Timothy Kaufmann

Producer - Tom Dexter

Written by - Timothy Kaufmann

3D Art and Animation - Timothy Kaufmann

2D Artist and Animation - Gagandeep Kalirai

Composer - Stephanie Taylor

Sound Design - Ioannis Spanos

Graphics and Titles - Xanthe Bodington

In Development since Feb 2018

You play ‘The Monomer’, a dark, melancholy and lonely character standing out in the healthy world around him. He unsuccessfully attempts to befriend the creatures who populate and thrive within his world. As you move through the striking landscape, you solve puzzles and recognise the fragility and unique nature of the mind.

Misfolded draws extensively from my previous research into neurodegenerative diseases. The game portrays the spread of Alzheimer’s Disease through a person’s brain. We follow the journey of a lonely little creature as they grow bigger and more destructive; uncontrollably consuming the world they inhabit until there is nothing left.


A short, cinematic experience depicting the passing of time for a prisoner serving out his life sentence.

Game Design and Development - Tim Kaufmann and Alex Taylor

Producers - Nat Baring and Tom Dexter

Screenwriter - Jessica Sinyard

Cinematographer - Molly Manning-Walker

Production Design - Antonio Niculae

Composer - Stephanie Taylor

Sound Design - Kevin Langhamer

Graphics and Titles - Xanthe Bodington

Development time: 6 weeks









The Prisoner is a 3D, third person, narrative game for PC, in which a man is guided through his confined world observing the passage of time. The player makes decisions on the prisoner leading a social or solitary existence.

With a team of ten students across the NFTS, this was my most collaborative project so far and represents the culmination of a years worth of studying games design.

Don't Blame Baby

A brief moment in the lives of Jenny and Stuart, as seen through the eyes of their one year old child.


Game Design and Development - Tim Kaufmann

Screenwriter - Kerry Kolbe

Composer - Stephanie Taylor

Sound Designer - Luke Elliott

Development time: 4 weeks

Don’t Blame Baby is a 3D, first person VR experience (Oculus Rift) set in the everyday kitchen of a young family.

Mum and Dad have been passive aggressively struggling with their relationship for some time and looking after their 12 month old infant can be even more stressful. This morning of all mornings, however, things are reaching break point. We watch from the eyes of a child having their breakfast as Jenny and Stuart’s argument grows into selfishness and negligence.

This story explores how parent’s behavior can impact on their children and how a child’s behavior can alter the course of events for their parents.



Save your town from the falling snowballs!

Games Design and Development - Tim Kaufmann

Composer - Stephanie Taylor

Development time: 6 weeks

Snowfall is a 2D, third person strategy game set in a small snowy town at the base of Avalanche Mountain. You play as Frolic, the town hero, tasked with protecting everyone from the falling snowballs that cascade down the mountain each day. Above the town, Frolic moves around the mountain slope planting poles in the ground to deflect the snowballs. Either side of the town are collectors for the snowballs to land in. Frolic gets rewards for each snowball he collects, which he can spend to upgrade the town’s defenses.

Don Flash and the Temple of Horrors

Take control of a 1950's stunt man to get the footage needed to complete their film.

Game Design and Project Management - Alex Taylor

Game Design and Narrative - Daise Fernandez

Game Design and Set Artist - Michael Murray

Game Design and Sound Design - Tim Kaufmann

Game Design and UI - Tom Reiffer

Composers - Roshan Gunga and Stephanie Taylor

Graphics and Titles - Xanthe Bodington

Voice Over Mixing - Mark Bailey

Development time: 6 weeks

This was my first ever game made at the NFTS.

Developed over 6 weeks, this is a first‐person narrative game where the player takes the role of a stuntman on the set
of Don Flash and the Temple of Horror, whereby they complete the stunt scenes in front of the camera for a militant Director.

The catch? Our stunt man isn’t quite what he used to be. With age, the skills that gave him his ‘Hollywood status’ are slowly slipping away from him ‐ much to the worry of the director.
Can you, the player, guide the stunt man from scene to scene with as little incident as possible?


Dr Timothy J Kaufmann

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