Don't Blame Baby

A brief moment in the lives of Jenny and Stuart, as seen through the eyes of their one year old child.


Game Design and Development - Tim Kaufmann

Screenwriter - Kerry Kolbe

Composer - Stephanie Taylor

Sound Designer - Luke Elliott

Development time: 4 weeks

Don’t Blame Baby is a 3D, first person VR experience (Oculus Rift) set in the everyday kitchen of a young family.

Mum and Dad have been passive aggressively struggling with their relationship for some time and looking after their 12 month old infant can be even more stressful. This morning of all mornings, however, things are reaching break point. We watch from the eyes of a child having their breakfast as Jenny and Stuart’s argument grows into selfishness and negligence.

This story explores how parent’s behavior can impact on their children and how a child’s behavior can alter the course of events for their parents.


© 2020 by Tim Kaufmann

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