Don Flash and the Temple of Horrors

Take control of a 1950's stunt man to get the footage needed to complete their film.

Game Design and Project Management - Alex Taylor​

Game Design and Narrative - Daisy Fernandez

Game Design and Set Artist - Michael Murray

Game Design and Sound Design - Tim Kaufmann

Game Design and UI - Tom Reiffer​

Composers - Roshan Gunga and Stephanie Taylor

Development time: 6 weeks

This was my first ever game made at the NFTS.

Developed over 6 weeks, this is a first‐person narrative game where the player takes the role of a stuntman on the set
of Don Flash and the Temple of Horror, whereby they complete the stunt scenes in front of the camera for a militant Director.

The catch? Our stunt man isn’t quite what he used to be. With age, the skills that gave him his ‘Hollywood status’ are slowly slipping away from him ‐ much to the worry of the director.
Can you, the player, guide the stunt man from scene to scene with as little incident as possible?


© 2020 by Tim Kaufmann

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